Backyard Rink Contest 2020

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The Gworek Family - Terryville, CT

CT Hockey Program

Central CT Capitals (Learn to Play)

Size of the Rink

25' x 50'

Materials Used

  • Concrete pad
  • boards from D1 rinks
  • netting on end walls from D1 (5' tall)
  • aluminum stantions from Yarde metals to hold netting
  • pressure treated 2x6"s to build 20-foot tall light pole and mount lights
  • 3 LED flood lights from Econolight 18,300 lumens each
  • 2 hockey nets from EZGoal

What Makes This Rink Unique

Our backyard rink was constructed for my 2 boys (ages 5 and 5 months). Once my wife and I found out we were having a second boy in March 2019, I told my wife we were going to build a hockey rink in the backyard! Hockey has been my favorite sport since I was about 7, when my babysitter introduced my brother and me to it. We always used to play in our basement, on a frozen swamp area in the backyard woods, and then at local ponds when I was in high school and beyond. We would be out there until it was dark! Now with my boys, I wanted to give them a rink that was legit, no fear of falling through, and also have lights so they could play for hours past when the sun goes down! My 5-year-old loves hockey, and I'm sure his brother will as well!