Backyard Rink Contest 2020

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The Brownlie Family -
West Hartford, CT

CT Hockey Program

West Hartford YHA - Mite A & Mite House

Size of the Rink


Cost to Install


Materials Used

Wood: 2x10s & 2x6s; 32 24"rebars; 64 brackets; NiceRink liner

What Makes This Rink Unique

Our 24'x40' backyard rink was built by my husband, father, and brother... with some help from my 3 boys. My parents and brother were visiting from NJ for Thanksgiving when we finally decided to just go for it. We measured the largest, shadiest, most level area we could find in our yard, bought the supplies at our local Home Depot and got to work. Two afternoons later the frame was in place!

We ordered our liner from NiceRink, which was great because they cut the liner to your rink's size. The white liner is important in CT since the weather changes so frequently. Our rink went from all water to skate-able in just over 24 hours once the temperature dropped.

For night skating we put blue LED lights under the ice to illuminate it and Christmas lights in trees. Our shed has lights around it and a propane patio heater to keep warm by. Our inaugural skate was after hockey practice on 1/9 and the kids had a blast!

It was a lot of trial and error, since this is our first time, but it all worked out and was so worth it. We're happy to finally have a reason to be excited for the cold temps; and we can't wait to invite our hockey family over for some skating fun!